The Chronicles of a Summit Service Project

The Chronicles of a Summit Service Project

Monday, December 2, 2013

October Update

As we've all been very busy with classes, we haven't had as much time as we'd like to volunteer.  However, we've been planning a big fundraiser for next month!
As Kelsey puts it," October has been a busy month!  I've been overloaded with classes and rehearsals.  However, we did get a chance to brainstorm some ideas and meet with our faculty sponsor.  We decided to contact local grocery stores and try to do a fundraiser to obtain personal care items for Harmony House.  We also discussed involving several groups on campus including DUkes, Improv Troupe, and Broadway Cabaret in performing with and for the children.  We are still considering the details of such ideas but we are excited to start this project.  We want to show the kids the different kinds of performances out there and allow them to perform a bit themselves."id

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